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Drum Pedal: Joggle Board FB-007

At the heart of the innovative FB-007 drum pedal is the patent pending Joggle BoardTM - a foot board profiled to give you more control, consistancy and volume from your heel-toe technique. The FB-007 is machined from aircraft grade aluminium and features serious adjustability (see below).

Until now drummers could choose
between a short-board and a long-board pedal. There is now a third option
The Joggle BoardTM



For heel-toe simply flick the heel support backwards in the stowed position.

To play heel-down flick the heel support forward to provide a conventional heel plate.



The adjustable control block
provides a striking area for your heel.

Position the control block to suit your playing style: backwards for speed, forward for power.

The control block gives you more control, consistency and volume from your heel-toe technique.



The wave tensioner™ is a quick and reliable way of setting spring tension.

5 settings provide the perfect range of spring tensions. Once in a chosen “wave” the spring can’t slip or work loose.

The wave tensioner™ provides a highly visible and repeatable way of setting the tension that works best for you.


Direct drive link with bearings and all the configuration options you’d expect from a premium pedal.

Indexing adjustability ensures your settings will never slip.

Experiment with new settings safe in the knowledge that any previous setting can easily be repeated.



Protect your bass drum hoops with
the soft-jaw hoop clamp.



Unique drum clamp system accommodates any width of bass drum hoop.

The tool-less positioning feature on the hoop clamp offers a range of clamping positions providing a quick and effective way of attaching the pedal right where you need it.



Joggle Board