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Bullet and Kitch Kickstarter

Our Hybrid Pedal Case / Practice Pad reviewed………

Bullet and Kitch Drummer Mag Review

Sean Moore: Manic Street Preachers

sean moore jpg bullet and kitch pedal sean moore.jpg

Sean has been playing our prototype FB-007 pedals for a year now,
both in the studio and on tour.

“I’ve pretty much tried everything on the market including DW, Tama, Trick, Duallist and Axis and was pleasantly surprised especially with the raised heel plate cleat and off-set pedal board which I found a tremendous help to my heel toe technique …….. great pedals, extremely smooth and true super quick” - Sean Moore.

“They have had a well-traveled and eventful year: Berlin, Australia, New Zealand, UK Tour, Jools Holland performance, Norway, Belgium, Spain. The pedals truly are sublime. No issues whatsoever so far, they are very consistent, reliable and are amongst the best pedals I've ever played. Sean is very pleased. Playing anything else just feels wrong” - Sean’s drum tech.

FB-007 Joggle Board™ reviewed………

Drummer Magazine

“This pedal is a serious piece of design and innovation”

Nick Carter, Editor - Drummer Magazine

To open a full pdf copy of Nick Carter’s review click here.

Scottish Drum Fair 2012

Bullet and Kitch will be taking some prototype pedals to the Scottish Drum Fair, Falkirk on Sunday 18th November. Come along and see how they can help your bass drum technique.

For more info visit

London Drum Show 2012

This was a hugely successful product launch for Bullet and Kitch and we would like to thank everyone who visited our stand, played our pedals, and for all the fantastic comments. It's clear that this is just the start for Bullet and Kitch and we should be making some exciting announcements very soon. Check out the photos of our pedals in the gallery and the videos showing them in action.

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Bullet and Kitch would like to thank the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and Scottish Enterprise for their continued assistance and support.